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Popular Garage Door FAQ

Whether you want to find out how to minimize garage door risks or wish to better understand the working parts, we're here for you. Read through our FAQs to find out more!

How can I clean my wooden garage door?

It is easy to maintain and clean a wooden garage door. In fact, if the door is still in good condition, a little cleaning will help considerably. We recommend warm water to be used in the cleaning process - dirt and chalk should be removed gently with the help of cleaning detergents suitable for the material. We also recommend applying a new coat of protective paint or varnish to keep your system safe against the elements.

How often should I service my overhead garage door?

Your overhead garage door is the biggest moving device you have in your home. In fact, some homeowners use the garage door more often than their front door. In making sure that your door and opener is properly working, we recommend that you have it serviced at least every year. If you hear some noises from your door or opener, asides from the usual sound it makes when opening and closing, this should serve as an initial 'warning'. Postponing the garage door repair service may result in more damage so be careful.

Are all doors created equal?

Knowing the difference in the material composition of a few common doors can be useful. If it does not stand up to the environmental paces you plan to put it through, you may be back buying a new door before you anticipated. Make sure your door will last no matter where you live and how frequently you use it.

Can a garage door still function with a broken spring?

When a spring is broken, the door it supports will no longer move - there's no getting around it. You will need an entirely new spring in order for the door to function again.

Do I have to replace the entire door if only one panel is damaged?

Not necessarily. If you have a sectional door, then only the affected sections will need to be removed and replaced. We can help you find a perfect match for the style and color of your door. Keep in mind, though, that if more than a couple of panels have been damaged, the cost of replacement might be close to the cost of the installation of a new door, and it may be worth it to opt for the latter.

Should I replace my old opener?

Garage door openers, especially older models, can be a bit lacking when judged according to today's standards, especially when it comes to safety features and noise output. The older they get, the less reliable they'll become, so if you're motor unit keeps experiencing recurring issues, or if you'd like to improve the security aspect of your home, it may be time to get a new one installed.

When should I replace a roller?

Inspecting and lubricating the rollers should be part of any garage door maintenance routine. You should regularly check if they are firmly attached to the stem while still spinning freely. If you suspect that anything is wrong, or if you notice visible signs of wear, it's time to replace the rollers in question. As a rule of thumb, plastic units will probably last for about two years. Steel ones that are properly lubricated on a regular basis can last much longer.


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