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Basic Proactive Garage Door Tips

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Basic Proactive Garage Door Tips

As a conscientious homeowner, there are certain tips you should be aware of when maintaining and safely using your garage door. Scroll down for more information.

Listen carefully to the mechanism of your garage door

Be mindful of the sound your garage door makes when it opens or closes. Be familiar with the sound so that you can notice if there is any change. If you do notice something is different, it's worth getting this checked sooner rather than later.

Staying safe around your garage door system

Some people still try to get in or out of the garage even when the door is in motion. It doesn’t take much time to open or close the door properly, so wait for it to stop moving in order to prevent an unwanted accident. It's also best to educate your kids and train any pets around the system!

Selecting the best garage door opener

Usually, the right garage door opener for your home is the one that best meets your needs particularly when it comes to safety, security and of course budget. We would be more than happy to advise and to help you find the perfect match for your home.

Using Spray-on Lubricant

Squeaky garage doors are pretty common. Luckily, the solution is pretty simple - spray-on lubricant. Just apply a bit to the springs and other moving parts to see if this helps. You want to avoid getting the tracks lubricated as this can attract dirt and impact the functioning of the door as it moves up and down.

Take care when manually opening your door

Garage doors can be opened manually in the event that there's a power cut or the opener stops responding. We suggest consulting your owner's manual first to ensure you're doing things the right way for your system. It can be a bit more dangerous doing this by hand, so watch your fingers!

Replace rusty brackets and hinges

Don't ignore significantly rusty garage door parts. They can become extremely noisy and the rust may well spread to other parts of the system. Rusty parts can also deteriorate pretty quickly - you don't want to have to deal with more serious problems down the line!

Resist DIY temptation when it's serious

Many people love performing DIY repairs. However, your garage door can be an unpredictable and dangerous system. If you notice obvious damage with important components like your springs, it's a much better idea to contact a professional than attempt to handle these yourself.


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